Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a non-impact (no face or body strikes), self-defence martial art and popular modern sport where the goal is to apply leverage and technique to force your opponent into submission using joint locks and choke holds. BJJ has continuously been proven in mixed martial arts contests around the world as one of the most effective and practical forms of martial art and is often described as a perfect blend of engaging physical activity and intellectual "chess-like" problem solving. BJJ’s unique emphasis on technique and leverage is designed to allow a smaller person to defeat a bigger and stronger opponent. Members will cover both self-defence and competition sport principles and benefit from developing life-long motor coordination, increased fitness, confidence and overall combat awareness

Potential Headings

  • It’s time to modernise jiu-jitsu - why No-Gi?

    • “Quote from article - John Danaher/Firas Zahabi""

    • Definition of No-Gi

    • BJJ at most traditional schools is taught with the Kimono - disadvantages of the Kimono

    • Applicable to MMA

  • Why Open Sparring?

    • Open Sparring has proudly built a strong reputation as one of Sydney’s friendliest martial arts gyms located in the Sydney CBD. Our modern and clean facility, open door policy and absence of dogmatic or cultish behaviour are just a few reasons that separate us from the rest and why people travel far and wide to be a part of our community. Here are other reasons

      • High quality classes taught by Australia’s best competitors.

      • Convenient location in the Sydney CBD

      • Affordable Rates

We’ve designed our program around our training philosophy, where there is no politics, no egos, just sound technical development, mat time, and a room full of people training and improving together.

For beginners, we offer a 4-week structured course which covers basic concepts that will equip you well for the rest of your journey. In addition we have classes every day at lunch and evening where you’ll learn new techniques to apply.

For hobbyists and competitors, our mats are always open to you. We often have visitors from gyms across Sydney, and indeed Australia and abroad! You’ll also find top level competitors training on our mats.

Our Timetable

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Our Program

Our class structure

Our training sessions consist of the following parts:

| Warm & Stretch | No-Gi Technique | Technique Drilling (Evenings) | Sparring (M/W/F) |

To make the most out of your training we highly encourage you to attend the session in full.

More drilling and sparring

You’ll notice that we set aside half an hour to drill, followed by an hour sparring. This is in line with our training philosophy, and

If you can’t make a 5:45pm start, or have to leave early…

We understand that making a 5:45pm start can be difficult for some, or you may have commitments past a certain time. Therefore you are welcome to join in the parts which you can make. If you do attend, please ensure you are on time for that part of the class and attend it in full out of respect for the other participants and instructor.

Sessions (accordion)

Warm and stretch

No-Gi Technique

Learn No-Gi techniques that can be readily applied to your. We have highly qualified instructors,

Classes start at 12:15pm and 6:00pm on weekdays

Technique Drilling (Gi/No-Gi)

Sparring (Gi/No-Gi)

Sparring (Gi/No-Gi)

In between classes, our gym is an open space where

Open Mat

Our morning open mats are great if you want to get a workout or roll in the morning

Open Gym/Privates

In between classes, our gym is an open space where

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Technique drilling (Gi/No-Gi)

In between classes, our gym is an open space where

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

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