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Want to learn Muay Thai? Try our Muay Thai for Beginners classes!

  • Learn real, practical techniques

  • Great student to instructor ratio

  • Classes 5 days a week

  • Town Hall location

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Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is one of the most popular and effective striking methods you can learn.

Referred to as the art of 8 limbs, Muay Thai incorporates hands, elbows, feet, knees and stand up grappling into a comprehensive and effective striking based martial art.

It is a great cardiovascular workout, effective for self-defence and is the dominant striking style practised in modern MMA.


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Pop in your details below for an introductory 30 minute private session and try our classes free for a week!

In this session our resident striking coach will introduce you to:

  • Boxing Fundamentals - footwork, stance and guard form

  • Striking Basics - effective and efficient punching and kicking technique

  • Defensive Principles - blocking and checking technique

  • Muay Thai/Striking concepts to build and develop in further sessions

No prior experience or gear required. Just leave your contact information below and we will get back to you ASAP

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Our beginner’s program


Building you into a complete striker

  • Learn the basic tools of Muay Thai - including punches, kicks, knees and elbows

  • Learn offensive and defensive concepts that you can practice right away

  • Get direct attention and feedback to learn correct form and technique

  • Learn pad-holding basics so you can hold pads for one another

  • Build fitness, flexibility and conditioning. Nothing works you out like Muay Thai!

  • Progress towards sparring proficiency


What makes Muay Thai at Open Sparring Different


Optimal instructor to student ratio

We want to set you up for success by providing you with sound, technical foundations.

By keeping classes small, we ensure that instruction is not split between too many students and so that you will have the best experience possible!


Don't just drill Muay Thai, do Muay Thai

Once you've mastered the fundamentals and want to take the next step you can get into technical, practical and light-contact sparring with supervision.

Nothing beats an active, moving training partner. Here you'll test and develop your overall game, including your offense, defense and ringmanship.

It's an awesome workout too! As you focus on your Muay Thai the rounds will fly by and you won't even realise how hard you've worked.


We make it easy to get training

Super easy to get to. Only a 2 min walk from Town Hall
Great schedule. Classes at lunch and after work on weekdays, and classes on Saturday mornings
Clean showers and lockers for your convenience and comfort

Muay Thai Instructor

Coach Jordan | 8+ years of Muay Thai experience

Jordan is one of the directors at Open Sparring and has been training and competing in Muay Thai/Boxing for over 8 years. Jordan has extensive experience training at some of the best camps in the world in Thailand and aims to bring an authentic Thai experience to all sessions here at Open Sparring

On top of his love for Muay Thai he is passionate about development and you’ll often find him coaching his private clients or training with with our members


Only $45 p/w for unlimited classes and full gym access - no contract!